Kris G, Owner

Kris has been a critical care nurse educator for the military for over 15 years, serving as a subject matter expert for hemodynamics, intra-aortic balloon pump, cardiac drugs, neurosurgical nursing, and open heart nursing. She has a MSN in nursing education and has her critical care certification from the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. Kris teaches the advanced courses such as ACLS and PALS with realistic scenarios encountered in your practice.

Krista W, Marketing Director

Krista is our Marketing Director and Sales Associate. She is a native of Olympia, and has been an industry educator and sales representative for several multi-national health product lines.

Jackie Lopez

 Jackie is a mental health professional that can explain complex subject in easy to understand terms. She is enthusiastic and down to earth in her teaching approach.

Clint Davis

 Clint is our instructor for the Grays Harbor area and classes in Aberdeen. Clint is a Firefighter/EMT and a subject matter expert in Emergency Field Medicine and Disaster Care. He has a BS in Fire Administration and a BS in Biology/Genetics. He is also very active as a Team leader and Trainer for the CERT Program (Community Emergency Response Team).

Chris O, Instructor

Chris is also in military healthcare in critical care. His expertise is adult critical care and emergency medicine. He has been a life support instructor for many years for military healthcare. 

Richard T, Instructor

Richard is in military healthcare, a subject matter expert in geriatric medicine, critical care, and care of seniors. He brings his energetic enthusiasm and evidence-based inquisitive nature to critical care medicine.